Bernardo Loureiro

I am an urbanist and I work as a freelance consultant and developer in data analysis, visualization, mapping, and web development.

I also teach classes and workshops on these topics.

I run Medida SP, an urban data visualization lab in São Paulo, Brazil.

Get in touch: Twitter, Medium, Github, LinkedIn, [email protected].

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 §  "Deep fake geography? When geospatial data encounter Artificial Intelligence"
—  Bo Zhao et al., Cartography and Geographic Information Science

 §  "The Particular in the Planetary: Reimagining Cosmopolitanism Beyond the Human"
—  Anna Tsing, Keynote Lecture of the Istanbul Unbound: Environmental Approaches to the City, April 8, 2021

 §  "Bias in smart city governance: How socio-spatial disparities in 311 complaint behavior impact the fairness of data-driven decisions"
—  Constantine E. Kontokosta, Boyeong Hong, Sustainable Cities and Society

 §  ... because I have been looking / steadily at these elms / and seen the process that creates / the writhing, stationary tree / is torment, and have understood / it will make no forms but twisted forms.
—  Louise Glück, Elms