Bernardo Loureiro


 §  "Deep fake geography? When geospatial data encounter Artificial Intelligence"
—  Bo Zhao et al., Cartography and Geographic Information Science

 §  "The Particular in the Planetary: Reimagining Cosmopolitanism Beyond the Human"
—  Anna Tsing, Keynote Lecture of the Istanbul Unbound: Environmental Approaches to the City, April 8, 2021

 §  "Bias in smart city governance: How socio-spatial disparities in 311 complaint behavior impact the fairness of data-driven decisions"
—  Constantine E. Kontokosta, Boyeong Hong, Sustainable Cities and Society

 §  ... because I have been looking / steadily at these elms / and seen the process that creates / the writhing, stationary tree / is torment, and have understood / it will make no forms but twisted forms.
—  Louise Gl├╝ck, Elms

 §  If science fiction is the mythology of modern technology, then its myth is tragic.
—  Ursula Le Guin, The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction

 §  (Some people call their scenery flat, / their only pictures framed by what they know: / I think around them rise a riches and a loss / too equal for their chart - but absolutely tall.)
—  William Stafford, In Response to a Question: "What Does the Earth Say?"

 §  When people say 'Things were better in the old days,' what they have in mind, I believe, is the joy of doing things together with many people. We have lost that joy.
—  Anna Tsing, The Mushroom at the End of the World

 §  Damien had been a Jesuit for sixteen years now and an ordained priest for three of those years. He was a member of the long black line; he had faded into the woodwork; he was a minor cog in a vast machine. This is how he thought of himself, in images not his own but drawn from the rules of the Society of Jesus, from conversations in the rec room, from admonitions of superiors. Life was bland, uneventful, with few successes and no dangers to speak of. The habit does finally make the man, he told himself.
—  John L'Hereux, The Long Black Line

 §  There are absences so profound that even knowledge of their absence is absent; there are things missing even from our lists of the missing.
—  Rebecca Solnit, Recollections of My Nonexistence