100 Years Calendar

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The japanese artist On Kawara is well known for his series of paintings called Today. In these, he painted the day's date on white letters against a solid background color.

Kawara Date painting

Kawara began the series in 1966 and continued intermitently until his death in 2014, completing almost 3,000 paintings.

Lesser known is the calendar on which Kawara registered with black circles the days in which he had done a date painting — the One Hundred Years Calendar.

Kawara Calendar detail

Kawara Calendar

This 68,6 × 129,5 cm calendar increadibly contains one hundred years. Each row is a year, spelled out day by day.

The idea that you can summarize one hundred years worth of days — essentially a lifetime — on a single image is what I wanted to reproduce here.

In the digital version I've put together, each circle is a day, and each row is a year (or each column, if your display is vertical). The yellow circles represent the days passed. The smaller circles are Sundays, as on Kawara's calendar.

Bernardo Loureiro, 2016